A guide to tailors in Dubai 101

Have you ever been really disappointed with the results of getting outfits made by a tailor? You may have chosen the fabrics, given it to someone recommended and gotten back your garment only to be totally bummed out. It turned out droopy, sad and “homemade” looking. The color and fabric were gorgeous! What went wrong? :( After that experience, you decided that tailors are not for you and gave up. Sound familiar? This was my story a few years ago but I have figured out some key tips and tricks to ensure great, expensive looking results every time.

First of all, it’s really important to know your body shape and be aware of what suits you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be inspired by a style worn by your favorite celeb .. you just have to ADAPT it to your own style. Let’s say you have voluptuous hips, but you really love this cute tea dress here …


My advice would be to go for a soft, limp fabric and softer gathers, less layers OR box pleats. This way, the dress won’t poof out as much, making it much more flattering.

Same goes for hemlines. I find the best hemline for me is a few inches above my knee because it elongates my legs so all my dresses are a similar hemline for a more streamlined look. Figure out what shapes, fabric and colors work for you and stick with those ideas for your future projects.

It’s super helpful to have a sample piece for the tailor to copy. Go into your wardrobe and pick out a dress or blouse that you absolutely love the fit of on your body -
one that makes you feel confident. Make sure you buy fabric that is of a similar weight and flow of that fabric for best results. For example, if you want to make a structured top, but you buy a soft chiffon, you will get a dramatically different look that can result in disappointment, so always select fabrics similar to your sample piece.

Feel free to be inspired by trends BUT customize it so that they suit YOUR body. You might love the STYLE of a Chanel-like boxy jacket, but the silhouette may be too stiff on your frame.

In that case, perhaps a paneled longer jacket would suit you better, but you can keep the shape of the neckline and fraying detail to imitate that Chanel “look.”



For fabric shopping, Meena Bazaar in Bur Dubai is great. I personally LOVE Vashu’s they have the COOLEST digital prints…some of their fabrics legit look like they could be Peter Pilotto. The staff are great – bring them a photo or similar sample and they’ll show you more options and colors. Rinco matching center is also a great option, also in Meena bazaar. Regal sells GORGEOUS embellished fabrics if you are looking for something fancy, but these are pricier but amazing quality.





You can also find amazing shops in Satwa and Naif Souk. Lastly, fabrics and more is an online shop that deliver straight to your door. Check out this calypso tweed I bought from them which I made into a skirt.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 9.32.57 PM

For tailors, I recommend Megastitch in Barsha, Dreamgirls in Bur Dubai and Lolo’A boutique in Tecom.

Here’s an outfit I created for myself inspired by Kate Middleton’s nautical outfit. Happy creating!!!

The Duchess of Cambridge Visits Land Rover BAR And The 1851 Trust

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